The Cumberland Group was formed in 1981 to help Armco, Inc. cope with simultaneous market chaos in its steel, oil field, fabrication, and insurance businesses. As Cumberland developed and refined the organizational improvement concepts with a focus on partnering with customers and suppliers, a number of good customers recognized the improvements at Armco and asked for help in their own internal improvement processes. As a result, The Cumberland Group was restructured as a stand-alone subsidiary.

In 1988, a group of its principals purchased The Cumberland Group. Since then, Cumberland has operated from Cincinnati, Ohio. Cumberland’s principals and associates represent virtually all business disciplines, with experience levels ranging from the executive office to the production line, in public and private sectors, in service as well as manufacturing organizations.

At Cumberland, we are business people who have lived what we teach. We know that partnering with our customers represents the sure route to excellence. We personally commit to our customers’ success. Our integrated approach reaches out to every corner of the organization. We involve ourselves to make a change work, rather than merely advise, observe or audit. We show that continually improving products, services, processes, and relationships in ways that excite and involve your customers assures success in world markets.



Consultation Services

The Cumberland Group provides expert advice, assistance, guidance, and/or counseling in support of management, organizational and business improvement efforts. Some examples include:

  • Management and strategy consulting
  • Program planning, audits, and evaluations
  • Studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to an organization's programs and initiatives—such as tabletop exercises or scenario simulations; regulatory or policy studies; economic studies; and preparedness studies
  • Executive / management coaching services

Facilitation and Training Services

The Cumberland Group provides customized training and/or off-the-shelf training packages tailored to meet a specific organization’s needs. Cumberland’s customization of off-the-shelf training will include, but not be limited to: workbooks, training manuals, slides, videos, advanced presentation media, and state-of-the-art computer-based training as required.

Brief descriptions of The Cumberland Group’s products follow.

Leadership and Organization Planning

The Cumberland Group offers half-day to four-day workshops designed to assist in planning for near-term and future-focused organizational planning and change management.

Options include: Change Management, Leadership Transition, (re)Organization Transitions, and Strategic Planning

Management and Employee Development

These half-day to four-day offerings equip managers, supervisors, and employees with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to be more effective and efficient in their roles and responsibilities.

Options include: Coaching Skills, Communications, Conflict Resolution Skills, Diversity Training, Effectiveness and Efficiency Tools and Best Practices, Facilitation Skills, Individual Style Assessments, Supervisor Skills, Team Leader Skills

Team Development

Cumberland offers one- to three-day options designed to enhance relationships, build an understanding of the characteristics of effective teams, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating an effective team.

Options include training for: Customer/Supplier Teaming, Integrated Product/Process Teams (IPT), Self-Managed Work Teams, and Workgroup Team

Continuous Improvement

Cumberland offers one- to four-day options to implement a quality management system—a structured, organizational, continual improvement process that merges with functional business processes to become the “way we do things here.”

Options include: Benchmarking, Business Process Re-engineering, Kaizen, and Lean Methodologies

Organizational Assessments

The Cumberland Group provides expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with survey development and reliability testing, sampling, survey administration, database administration, analysis of survey data, and report preparation.

This service identifies current practices, attitudes, and activities existing within organizations that are indicative of the organization’s “climate.” It helps determine how current business systems and practices are affecting the organization’s success, and it establishes a baseline for measuring progress. This product is highly tailorable to all types of organizations and agencies.



The Cumberland Group, Inc.


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